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17 November | Bristol | Crisis in the Middle East: Military Escalation & the New US President


Crisis in the Middle East: Military Escalation & the New US President
Thursday 17th November | 19:00
Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft

Speaker: Ian Chamberlain (StWC national officer)

Join us for this crucial Bristol Stop the War talk and discussion with Stop the War national officer Ian Chamberlain.

Against considerable public opposition, Boris Johnson is trying to whip up support for a 'humanitarian' no-fly zone in Syria. Meanwhile British planes and special forces join in the attack on Mosul in Iraq. And our government arms and supports Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen.

Concern at the possibility of Donald Trump being elected US president has meant that Hilary Clinton has had an easy ride in the campaign. Her active support for US intervention in the Middle East goes back over many years. Whoever is elected on November 8th, the issue of western intervention in the area will still be high on the agenda.

In the weeks and months ahead anti-war campaigners in Britain will need to do everything possible to strengthen the movement against more British involvement in Middle Eastern wars. Come to the meeting and join in the discussion about how we can do this.

Organised by: Bristol Stop the War »

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