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08 June | London | The People's Chilcot Tribunal

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The People's Chilcot Tribunal
08 June | 3-7PM
Amnesty International Human Rights Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard
London, EC2A 3EA

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The delays to the Chilcot Inquiry moved into farcical terrain when reports emerged of a parliamentary inquiry into what was holding it up. The establishment is clearly terrified of any revelations and reluctant to reopen discussions about the tragedy of Iraq. Despite a date now having been announced there are reports of new protocols being used to limit revelations in the offical report. In response, Stop the War Coalition is hosting a People's Chilcot Tribunal to establish who was to blame for the catastrophes of the Iraq War, including over a million deaths and millions of refugees who are still fleeing this war-ravaged country.

There will be testimony from a wide range of people including Hans Von Sponeck (Former UN envoy to Iraq), Peter Oborne (Journalist), Kate Hudson (CND chair), Alice Mahon (Former MP), Peter Brierley (Military Families Against the War), Ben Griffin & Geoffrey Martin (Veterans for Peace), Sami Ramidani (Iraqi Dissident) and Lindsey German.

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition

Stopping Wars Is Essential for Stopping Climate Change