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19 Feb | London | Stop Trident rally and mobilising meeting

Stop Trident

Stop Trident rally and mobilising meeting
Friday 19 February | 6.30–9.30pm
Friends House | 173 Euston Road | London NW1 2AX

Organised by: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament »
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Tariq Ali
Kate Hudson CND general secretary
Richard Norton Taylor The Guardian
Lindsey German Stop the War
Brian Eno
Shelly Asquith NUS
Bruce Kent CND vice president

Join Tariq Ali, Brian Eno and many more a week before the Stop Trident demo for a rally and mobilising meeting to hear the arguments against replacement and to help mobilise thousands on the day of the demo.

This year Parliament will decide on whether or not to replace Trident, the UK's nuclear weapons system.

Polls show that a majority of the public oppose Trident replacement. It's obscene that over £100 billion might be spent on a cold war relic whilst huge cuts are made to vital public services.

On the 27 February, thousands will take to the streets of London to protest against government plans.

With thanks to the Quakers for hosting this rally.

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