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Trump, War & The Special Relationship - Spring 2018 Briefing


This briefing examines the nature of the 'special relationship' between Britain and the US, both in historical context and in the contemporary context of Trump's aggressive presidency. It provides trade unionists, students, researchers and activists throughout the movement with powerful arguments against the US-UK military alliance.


Chris Nineham, The 'Special Relationship': A Brief Survey of the Wreckage
Andrew Murray, Fifteen Years on from Iraq: Stop the War Is Needed More than Ever
Lindsey German, The Anti-War Movement in the Era of Trump
Kate Hudson, NATO: An Enemy of Peace
John Rees, Russian Power: Myth and Reality
Chris Cole, Killing Cousins: How British Drones Work Hand-in-Hand with their US Counterparts
Daniel Jakopovich, Why Britain's Rulers Are Addicted to War: British Militarism and Corporate Power
Richard Norton-Taylor, Saudi Arabia, The UK and the 'Special Relationship'
Jenny Clegg, 'Global Britain; and the US Asian Pivot
Edited by Mayer Wakefield.

Cost: £4. Postage £1. Order 10 or more and price drops to £3.20 per copy inc p&p. For bulk enquiries call 020 7561 4830

Stopping Wars Is Essential for Stopping Climate Change