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No to NATO

Joint statement by United National Antiwar Coalition (USA) and Stop the War Coalition

On the weekend of May 19, NATO officials will gather in Chicago. Military action against Iran will be high on NATO's agenda.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls Iran 'an existential threat' and both the Republican and Democratic leadership in the US is in favour of 'tough action'.

Pressure for NATO intervention in Syria is also growing.

NATO is masquerading as a champion of democracy, while its members back dictators in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Military intervention will inflame the fighting. Its only aim will be to increase the Western powers' grip on the region.

NATO will also discuss the occupation in Afghanistan.

Though the war is clearly lost, occupying forces are set to stay for at least two more years. Keeping NATO troops in place will lead to more atrocities and make a negotiated peace much more difficult.

The US and the UK are the lynchpins of the NATO coalition and responsible for more wars of agression around the world than any other power.

UNAC and Stop the War Coalition will therefore be holding major protests in the US and the UK to say no to a new war on Iran; to oppose the threat of intervention in Syria; and to call for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.