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Stop the War Inclusion in Counter-Terror Document a 'Matter of Grave Concern'


It is a matter of grave concern that the Stop the War Coalition, along with a number of other campaign groups completely unconnected to terrorism, is included in a widely circulated 'Counter Terrorism Police' document that is part of the government's Prevent anti-radicalisation initiative. 

There is no justification whatsoever for including Stop the War Coalition, other peace, human rights, environmental and left groups in the document which purports to be focussing on violent terrorist organisations. 
Stop the War's totally groundless inclusion alongside violent neo-nazi organisations for example reinforces the concern we have long expressed about the Prevent initiative that it would be used more widely against groups critical of government policy.
We will be taking urgent steps to ensure the removal of all reference to Stop the War and other progressive organisations from this and other Prevent and anti-terrorism documents.