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Oppose Trump & May's Plans for Escalation in Syria - Model Resolution

Model resolution for Political Parties and Trade Union Branches on Syria


This branch notes:

  • The​ continuing terrible attacks on the Syrian people - including​ the alleged chemical bomb on Douma​ - have ​caused so much death and devastation.
  • ​The fact that Western intervention​ in the Middle East over the last 17 years has been disastrous. It has led to vast numbers of dead and displaced and has devastated whole societies
  • Britain has been intervening ​openly in Syria since 2015 along with the US and others. The result​ of this and all foreign interventions​ ​including that of Russia and Iran ​has only been more death and destruction.
  • Repeated foreign interventions ​from​ all sides have made the situation in the Middle East more dangerous than at any time since the War on Terror began.

This branch believes:

  • The anti-war arguments have been proved right again and again since the start of the War on Terror.
  • Further Western bombing can only prolong the cycle of violence in Syria and the misery of the Syrian people. It also risks creating a regional war and a potentially catastrophic confrontation with Russia. Only a​n end to all foreign interventions and a political and diplomatic solution can bring lasting peace.
  • Once again, our movement needs to stand against ​calls for further Western ​attacks, to oppose all foreign intervention and demand a political not a military approach.

This branch resolves:

  • To do everything possible to stop Western escalation in Syria.
  • To lobby MPs to oppose any further action.
  • To circulate anti-war arguments and support anti-war protest.

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