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9 August 2014: The biggest ever UK demonstration for Gaza

We said it would be the UK's biggest demonstration for Gaza ever and it was. On Saturday 9 August, 150,000 marched from BBC Broadcasting House to Hyde Park, passing the US Embassy on the way.

So many people turned up that when the front of the march reached Hyde Park, the back still had not left the BBC. We marched to demand an end to Israel's barbaric assault on Gaza, to call on the British government to implement an immediate embargo on arms sales to Israel, and to show Palestinians facing Israel's war crimes that they are not alone.

BBC Report

Tariq Ali tells the BBC why there is so much anger over its Gaza reporting

Barnaby Raine, who organised the Jewish bloc on the march says why he as a Jew was marching

Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German speaks in Hyde Park

Tariq Ali speaks in Hyde Park

Many thanks to everyone who came and made it such a memorable day. If you would like to keep informed of the movement for Palestinian justice and help support Stop the War's anti-war campaigns, you can: