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Report: London Labour Activists Eager for an Anti-War Foreign Policy

A packed StWC fringe meeting at London Labour Conference this weekend proves how eager Labour activists are to see a change in UK foreign policy


"The mood of the meeting was defiant and positive."

The packed Stop the War Coalition fringe meeting at the London Labour Conference on Saturday proves how eager Labour activists are to see a change in UK foreign policy. The StWC fringe was the only session over the weekend dedicated to foreign policy and delegates clearly welcomed the anti-war position of Stop the War.

The meeting was overflowing and the speakers’ messages met with enthusiasm from the delegates. The desire for change was clear: we need to get the anti-war leader of the Labour Party elected as Prime Minister to achieve a foreign policy based on peace.

As Andrew Murray (former StWC Chair and Unite representative) pointed out, a Corbyn led Labour government would recognise Palestine, stop the arms’ sales to Saudi Arabia and stop the UK’s continued intervention in the Middle East.

Steven Saxby, the parliamentary candidate for Cities of London & Westminster, reminded delegates that the Labour Party was founded as an anti-war party and that the anti-war message must be taken to the doorstep by Labour activists.

The passion of young people for the anti-war movement, for divestment from the arms industry and their anger at the war in Yemen was highlighted by Myriam Kane from the NUS, who spoke of StWC meetings and societies springing up in colleges and university campuses across the country.

The mood of the meeting was defiant and positive.  Activists agreed to take the campaign for a new foreign policy back to their CLPs, to encourage their local parties to affiliate to StWC and to take the campaign onto the doorstep when canvassing. Labour delegates left with meeting with a clear campaigning message – we need to elect an anti-war government.