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Solidarity Statement from United National Antiwar Coalition

Message of solidarity from United National Antiwar Coalition on the eve of the Stop the War International Anti-war Conference in London on 30 November 2013

To the Stop the War activists fighting imperial intervention everywhere,
We regret that we cannot be with you  this weekend as you lay plans to deepen the struggle against US and all other imperial wars and interventions everywhere.
We in the US have learned long ago that there is no such thing as "humanitarian wars" waged by super powers in the name of democracy. The poor people across the globe would be far better off determining their own futures, free from interventions, sanctions, embargoes and "no fly zones" orchestrated by those who seek to re-colonize the planet or otherwise exploit poor nations in the interests of the corporate elite.
The United National Antiwar Coalition, the largest and broadest antiwar and social justice coalition in the US fully understands the need for united national and international actions to stop the war makers everywhere.
We support the right of all oppressed nations to self-determination - free from imperial control in all its manifestations.

Like you we seek to include and unify a broad range of antiwar and social justice forces who may differ with each other on many questions but who are united in their determination to, in your profound words, Stop the Wars that plague our planet.

Our best for a successful conference.

In solidarity and unity,

Joe Lombardo
Marilyn Levin

Co-National Coordinators
United National Antiwar Coalition