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The People v. Tony Blair: Politics, the Media and the Anti-war Movement

Some people dismiss mass protest. The People v. Tony Blair shows the huge demonstrations against the Iraq War in 2003 nearly brought down Blair and almost forced Britain out of the war. Based on interviews and insider accounts, it describes panic in Downing Street and despair in Whitehall. A controversial intervention into the debates about power, media and popular protest, The People v. Tony Blair argues that even a hostile media can be neutralised when a mass movement becomes powerful enough.

A must-read book by a key figure in the movement. Its argument is elegant and essential: Stop the War's protests changed the minds of millions and limited the power of Empire. It is an argument we need if we are to deal with the dangers ahead. - Tony Benn

A fresh and fascinating analysis of how and why Tony Blair took us to war, with new proof that protest brought him low. It challenges the pessimists by showing that not even the corporate media is immune from mobilised public opinion. - Des Freedman, author of The Politics of Media Policy

A powerful account from the inside of how the largest protests in Britain's history were mobilised, how they destabilised the media and political elite – and the urgent need to derail a repackaged revival of the 'war on terror. - Seumas Milne, author of The Revenge of History

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