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RIP Roger Lloyd Pack: Fine actor and tireless campaigner for peace and a better world

RIP Roger Lloyd Pack. His talent as an actor was not in doubt, says Lindsey German, national convenor of Stop the War Coalition, nor was his humanity and commitment.

It was with very great sadness and shock that I heard of the death of Roger Lloyd Pack today. He was a very good friend of many left wing causes and I was privileged to meet him on a number of occasions when he helped the Stop the War Coalition and later the People's Assembly. He was always extremely helpful and willing to back a number of campaigns.

Most recently he was involved with the No Glory campaign which challenged the government interpretation of the First World War, and with campaigning against austerity with the People's Assembly, where he attended a number of our organising meetings.

Roger was a well known actor who, like a number of his colleagues, saw the importance of speaking out on wider political issues - derided in the media as left wing 'luvvies' out of touch with the realities of everyday life.

In my experience of campaigning this was the opposite of the truth. The celebrities who back campaigns which challenge government policies do so usually because they feel that their abilities and talents can be used to give a louder voice to the people who are directly suffering from these policies. Roger was extremely modest and very much part of the campaigns which he supported.

His talent as an actor was not in doubt. Nor was his humanity and commitment. On behalf of Stop the War I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him.

Roger Lloyd Pack reading the Wilfred Owen poem Strange Meeting at a Stop the War Coalition protest.

Source: Stop the War Coalition