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The Myth of The "Clean War"

Paul Rogers: Trump's worldview promises low-cost military success. The blasting apart of civilian lives in Iraq says otherwise.

The Uncounted

New York Times investigation: 1 in 5 of the coalition strikes identified resulted in civilian death, a rate more than 31x that acknowledged by the coalition

Remote War and Public Air

Paul Rogers: The CIA's military role in the Afghan morass shows the need for open democracy in an age of hidden violence

Ultimate Disregard for World Opinion

The US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem opens the door for increasing ethnic cleansing of the city’s Palestinian population, writes Ramzy Baroud

ISIS: The Comeback

Paul Rogers: Iraq's depleted military and urban wreckage plant the seeds of an ISIS revival

The Trump Wars Era

From Washington to Cairo, military aggression and "keeping the lid on" are proving deadly. And they will never work.

Helen John Obituary

One of the founders of the protest camp at Greenham Common who devoted her life to the peace movement

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