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Penniless US is never short of money for endless war

When iPhone company Apple has more in the bank than the US federal government, the question is, how does Obama pay for his war in Afghanistan, costing $2bn a week, the occupation of Iraq, the drone warfare in Pakistan and the new war in Libya?

Barack Obama can't break the war habit

Still occupying Iraq, engaged in the bombing of Libya, and continuing with the war in Afghanistan, the US and its allies look increasingly bogged down, unable to break the war habit -- and not knowing what to do about it.

Fog of war and the cost of war in Libya

A government which claims that we all have to tighten our belts might find it hard to explain why a few of us continue to binge on platinum and gold cards in the name of ‘defence’.

Killing civilians in Libya to protect them

Nato's "humanitarian" war on Libya is predictably killing the people it was supposed to protect. When we're told how well the war is going and how many lives it is saving, remember Afghanistan and Iraq

Obama's broken promises and lies: many will die

Just as he has obeyed the military on escalations and withdrawals, and obeyed the CIA on refusals to prosecute torture, Obama appears to be doing exactly what he is told once again on his promises for troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

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