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Dump Trump: End the Special Relationship Now

Any civilised or sensible government would be breaking links with Trump's regime


Saturday's fantastic global women’s protests proved Trump is the most unpopular new US president ever. No presidential inauguration has been met with anything approaching this scale of popular outrage and revulsion. The demonstrations were multiple times bigger than the organisers expected and they brought together a whole range of grievances and anxieties.

Trump’s sexism, racism, xenophobia and aggressive foreign policies have put him beyond the pale for millions round the world and they have concentrated minds on uniting effective opposition. That is why it is so disgraceful that Theresa May is rushing to meet him.

Any civilised or sensible government would be breaking links with him. Instead Theresa May is packing her bags as quickly as possible for the trip to Washington to show her support for the new regime.

Trump has promised to escalate military intervention in the Middle East, to increase the US nuclear arsenal and overall military spending. He has provoked China, threatened North Korea and now is pushing to move the US Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, a move that will anger millions around the world.

We have been here before. The so called ‘special relationship’ has given us and the world nothing but grief. Margaret Thatcher’s dalliance with Ronald Reagan helped ensure the global ascendancy of free market economics that has done so much damage over the last four decades. Tony Blair's intimate ties with George Bush brought us the invasion of Iraq and all the horrors that followed.

We must demand now that our government breaks ties with the Trump regime and ends the special relationship. Only then can we begin to move away from war and towards a sane foreign policy.

Stop the War is asking all its members and supporters to sign the petition calling for an end to the special relationship and also to use it to strengthen the movement. People were queuing to sign it on the Women’s March on London. The petition can be downloaded and used in communities, colleges and workplaces. You can organize street stalls to promote it and send the link around your union branch or campaign network.

We need to keep building the pressure on the Theresa May’s shameful government over this and at the same time lay the basis for the monumental protests should Donald Trump ever have the nerve to visit Britain.

Sign the 'End the Special Relationship' Petition here.

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