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Stop the War welcomes appointment of Seumas Milne as Jeremy Corbyn's director of communications

Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the war Coalition, writes:

"Seumas Milne is a very good choice as executive director of strategy and communications for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He is anti-war, opposes nuclear weapons, and supports the Palestinian struggle for justice and human rights. These are Jeremy Corbyn's politics too.

The appointment of Seumas Milne will be a strengthening of Jeremy Corbyn's position, particularly on foreign policy, whether it be the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, or the Middle East in general, or the situation with NATO and Eastern Europe. On all this issues Seumas Milne – a highly respected and knowledgeable journalist – will make a very substantial contribution.

The people who don't like the appointment of Seumas Milne are those who have defended wars and justified UK bombing campaigns. But for many other people, the views of Jeremy and Seumas will chime with their own."

Source: RT