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Jeremy Corbyn vs Trident nuclear Ships of Shame | Music: Steve Ashley

"We live in a world where so many things are possible, where peace is possible in so many ways, in so many places. You achieve peace through democracy, through respect for human rights, through ending inequality, through sharing resources. You don't achieve peace by preparing for war." - Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party leader

The UK government plans to spend over £100 billion upgrading the Trident nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Each of Britain's four submarines can carry up to 16 Trident ballistic nuclear missiles. Each missile is armed with three warheads. Each of those warheads has eight times more destructive power than the US atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

SHIPS OF SHAME by Steve Ashley | Album: Time and Tide (2007) | © Topic Records www.topicrecords.co.uk