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Allan Graham: A Soldier’s Battle

I heard the call of duty
I heard the lion’s roar
I felt the pride burn in my heart, the day I marched to war
Security is Freedom
They told me, War is Peace
They ordered me to kill some terrorists in The Middle East

Now my war is over, in the desert sun
But as my war came to an end, a new war has begun
It isn’t fought with bullets
It isn’t of that kind
No, in this war, there’s only me
For it’s fought within my mind

I see him every second
He cannot run or walk
He doesn’t smile
He doesn’t laugh
And he never seems to talk
He doesn’t scream
He doesn’t cry
The pain he feels no more
I throw his corpse upon his mother dying on the floor
I butchered them for Freedom
I slaughtered them for Peace
They told me they were terrorists in The Middle East

I heard a coward’s lies
I heard the Devil’s roar
I didn’t know I marched to hell, the day I marched to war