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Tom Lashley: The White Poppy

A cold morning on the eleventh of November,
Destruction taints all the world’s splendour,
Pastoral fields now trenches with mice,
Only we could make the same mistake twice.

Millions dead and billions affected,
‘Wear red and we’ll all be protected!’
Instead the red reminds us of pleas,
To be rid of this war, death and disease.

The red poppy is just a fundraising tool,
The white is not to insult or fool,
White signifies no more war,
Red signifies the death of the poor.

We are reminded of war every day,
It causes rupture, death as well as dismay,
Why should we remember it again?
Peace and love is what to attain.

The link between red and peace is tenuous,
The red poppy’s message is disingenuous,
People wear it without reason or rhyme,
Reminding themselves of a deadly time.

So don the white poppy instead of the red,
You don’t need to be told to think of the dead,
And for those who say ‘lest we forget’ in November,
I’ll be sure to tell them ‘lest we remember’.