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Sheila Coombes: An Anti-War Poem for Today

While leaders play chess
Soldiers wreak death and destruction
With no resurrection for them or their prey.

Resources are scavenged, cultures are ravaged,
Humanity’s the loser at the end of the day.

War or intervention, not forgetting to mention
‘Right to Protect’ (R2P) being put into play,
It’s all fabrication,
Pitting nation against nation,
While the powerful sit waiting to plunder the disarray.

Don’t act in haste, death is just waste,
No chance to taste the freedom or democracy
For which they felt the pain,
It’s murder by nations, hell’s manifestation,
A strategist’s temptation for tactical gain.

They meet their demise with tears in their eyes,
A moment’s Goodbye,

And, yes, they did die in vain.

Sheila Coombes
Coordinator Frome Stop Wars Campaign
July 2014