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Madeleine Burhan: Weeds of Man

Terror, terror, the conflict they lust
The fire it boils the blood of earths crust
It bleeds, it bleeds, humans they sleep
The eyelids they flicker, as history repeats
I heard of a bomb and a threat today
The government threw some lives away
The horror of conflict all over the news
The hatred for mans differing views
Hatred that weed, it grows and grows
From a seed of a story, blew down in the snow
Uyghur, Ukrainian, Syrian, dear friends
Brothers and sisters knocked down in this trend
To shed a tear now, leaves less for the night
When the crazy man rests, and I cry for this fight
Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Jew
Your god is a shared one, that is within you
Without education, this war will rage on
Forever we grieve in a fight left undone
Soldiers and saints, our saviours for now
Are killing off peace, yet endure somehow
Here we go again, round the same old clock
Terror, terror, the laughing stock
Men, women, children, unite
Keep calm, carry on
But say no to this hate

From Madeleine Burhan's The Normalcy Bias, 2014