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Song List 2009-2013

The Farm: All Together Now  23.05.13 
Alpha Blondy: Bloodshed in Africa  16.05.13 
XTC: Melt the Guns  10.05.13 
Richie Havens: Handsome Johnny  26.04.13 
K'naan: Fatima  03.05.13 
Sharon Jones: What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?  15.04.13 
Elvis Costello: Tramp the Dirt Down  08.04.13 
The Kinks: Some Mother's Son  28.03.13 
Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together  27.02.13 
Arlo Guthrie: When a Soldier Makes it Home  06.02.13 
Voices United for Mali: Mali-Ko (Peace)  25.01.13 
Digital Mystikz: Anti War Dub  16.01.13 
Scott Walker: Hero of the War  09.01.13 
Gil Scott-Heron: Work for Peace  20.12.12 
Jona Lewie: Stop the Cavalry  19.12.12 
Dave Brubeck: Where or When  16.12.12 
Bob Marley: War / No More Trouble  15.12.12 
Rim Banna: Sarah  07.12.12 
The Clash: The Call Up  29.11.12 
Pink Floyd: Song for Palestine  16.11.12 
The Proclaimers: S-O-R-R-Y  08.11.12 
I Didn't Raise my Boy to be a Soldier  28.10.12 
Kate Bush: Army Dreamers  19.10.12 
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello: Who Are These People  11.10.12 
Johnny Cash & Vera Lynn: We'll Meet Again  01.10.12 
Radiohead: Harry Patch (In Memory of)  24.09.12 
Robert Cray: Twenty  11.09.12 
Rattlesnake Annie & Amy Nelson: A Peaceful Solution  11.09.12 
Dionne Warwick: The Windows of the World  02.09.12 
Asian Dub Foundation: Tank  29.08.12 
Kate Rusby: The Recruited Collier  19.08.12 
Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter  12.08.12 
Elvis Costello: Shipbuilding  04.08.12 
Edwin Starr: Stop the War Now  28.07.12 
Luigi Nono: Il Canto Sospeso - Excerts  22.07.12 
Michael Franti: Light Up Ya Lighter  12.07.12 
Lizzie Nunnery: England Loves a Poor Boy  04.07.12 
Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair  26.06.12 
Enter Shikari: Stalemate  18.06.12 
Wyclef Jean: War No More  10.06.12 
Paul Simon: Peace Like a River  04.06.12 
A Perfect Circle: Pet  28.05.12 
Tom Waits: Hell Broke Luce  20.05.12 
Beastie Boys/Edwin Starr: (War) In a World Gone Mad  13.05.12 
Crybaby: Veils  06.05.12 
Bloc Party: Hunting For Witches  29.04.12 
Sara Thomsen: Is It for Freedom  22.04.12 
Mary Black: My Youngest Son Came Home Today  14.04.12 
Buffalo Springfield: For What It's Worth  28.03.12 
Incredible String Band: Cold days of February  22.03.12 
System of a Down: Boom  07.03.12 
Human League: The Lebanon  27.02.12 
Green Day: Holiday  10.02.12 
Gwyneth Glyn: Llun yn y Papur (Picture in the Paper)  20.02.12 
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens): Peace Train  02.02.12 
Boris Vian: Le Déserteur  21.01.12 
Fairuz: Old Jerusalem  09.01.12 
Graham Nash & James Raymond: Almost Gone (The Ballad of Bradley Manning)  24.12.11 
UNKLE: Eye for an Eye  12.12.11 
Fairport Convention: The Deserter  04.12.11 
Sinead O'Connor: Paddy's Lament  11.11.11 
James: Hey Ma  04.11.11 
Marianne Faithfull: Broken English  25.10.11 
Lowkey: Hand On Your Gun  20.10.11 
Curtis Mayfield: We Got to Have Peace  17.10.11 
Ry Cooder: Christmas Time This Year  01.10.11 
Lowkey: Obama Nation Part 2  14.09.11 
Le Tigre: New Kicks  03.09.11 
Linkin Park: Hands Held High  28.08.11 
Tim Hardin: Simple Song of Freedom  21.08.11 
Tom Lehrer: We Will All Go Together When We Go  07.08.11 
Billy Bragg: Between the Wars  25.07.11 
Country Joe & the Fish: I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die  17.07.11 
Jimmy Cliff: Afghanistan  01.07.11 
Anais Mitchell: Why We Build the Wall  17.06.11 
Manic Street Preachers: If you tolerate this  06.06.11 
Gil Scott Heron: anti-war poet, musician, activist. RIP 27/05/11  28.05.11 
Tom Waits: Day After Tomorrow  25.05.11 
Christy Moore: Viva la Quinta Brigada  17.05.11 
The Jam: Little Boy Soldiers  04.05.11 
Jackson Browne: Lives in the Balance  23.04.11 
Serj Tankian: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition  17.04.11 
Steel Pulse: No More Weapons  12.04.11 
Faithless: Mass Destruction  22.03.11 
Subhumans: This Year's War  14.03.11 
Rebecca Thorn: Take Peace  25.02.11 
Hamza Namira: Dream with Me  18.02.11 
Levellers: Battle of Beanfield  08.02.11 
P J Harvey The Words That Maketh Murder  06.02.11 
Abdel Halim Hafez: Sawah  04.02.11 
David Rovics: Song for Bradley Manning  17.01.11 
Marvin Gaye: I want to come home for Christmas  18.12.10 
Willie Nelson: Peace on Earth  18.12.10 
These New Puritans: We Want War  10.12.10 
The Clash: Spanish Bombs  30.11.10 
Eric B And Rakim: Casualties of War  22.11.10 
Bruce Springsteen: Devils and Dust  13.11.10 
Paul Hawkins: The Battle is Over  08.11.10 
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son  29.10.10 
Johnny Cash: Sam Stone  23.10.10 
Muse: Soldier's Poem  16.10.10 
Solomon Burke: None of Us Are Free  10.10.10 
Benjamin Zephaniah: Rong Radio  04.10.10 
Dee Dee Bridgewater: Compared to What  24.09.10 
Wilfred Owen: Strange Meeting  19.09.10 
Is Lowkey a terrorist?  15.09.10 
Steve Goodman: The Ballad of Penny Evans  12.09.10 
Pearl Jam: Masters of War  03.09.10 
Flobots: White Flag Warrior  22.08.10 
Lowkey: Cradle of Civilisation  18.08.10 
Bill Withers: I Can't Write Left-Handed  14.08.10 
Dispatch: The General  07.08.10 
Patti Smith: People Have the Power  02.08.10 
The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of this Place  22.07.10 
Danger Mouse: Just War  15.07.10 
Gotan Project: Epoca  27.06.10 
The Zombies: The Butcher's Tale  25.06.10 
Roger Waters: We Shall Overcome  14.06.10 
Jim Page & Rachel Corrie: I'd Rather be Dancing  16.03.13 
Natalie Merchant: Gulf of Araby  28.05.10 
Elvis Costello: Peace, Love and Understanding  18.05.10 
Mama Marjas: Stop the War  14.05.10 
CSNY: Ohio  07.05.10 
The Skids: Into the Valley  29.04.10 
Badu and Marley: No More Trouble  23.04.10 
Mary Chapin Carpenter: On With the Song  16.04.10 
Bruce Springsteen: War  09.04.10 
Johnny Cash: Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream  02.04.10 
Lowkey: Obama Nation  28.03.10 
Joan Baez: With God on Your Side  26.03.10 
Fela Kuti and Afrika 70: Zombie  18.03.10 
Billy Bragg: The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie  13.03.10 
Johnny Hates Jazz: I Don't Want To Be a Hero  04.03.10 
The Fureys: Green Fields of France  26.02.10 
Jacques Brel: Au Suivant  19.02.10 
Paul Hardcastle: 19  09.02.10 
Elgar's Cello Concerto  04.02.10 
Elbow: Leaders of the Free World  28.01.10 
Clancy Brothers / Dropkick Murphys: Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya  24.01.10 
Chumbawumba: Jacob's Ladder  14.01.10 
Lowkey: Long Live Palestine  07.01.10 
John McCutcheon: Christmas in the Trenches  23.12.09 
Rachid Taha: Barra Barra  22.12.09 
Tom Morello: Until the End  20.12.09 
John Lennon: Happy Christmas (War is Over)  17.12.09 
Michael Heart: Song for Gaza  10.12.09 
Donovan: Universal Soldier  03.12.09 
This Mortal Coil: I Come And Stand At Every Door  26.11.09 
Dory Previn: Play It Again, Sam  19.11.09 
Phil Ochs: I Ain't Marching Anymore  12.11.09 
Richard Thompson: Dad's Gonna Kill Me  04.11.09 
Trijntje Oosterhuis: The Windows of The World  28.10.09 
Robb Johnson: North West Frontier  21.10.09 
Nas: Rule  16.10.09 
Maher Zain: Palestine Will Be Free  07.10.09 
Glenn Campbell: Galveston  01.10.09 
Bob Dylan: John Brown  24.09.09 
King Blues: Save the World/Get the Girl  02.09.09 
Pogues: Waltzing Mathilda  17.09.09 
Enter Shikari: Fanfare for the Conscious Man  02.09.09 
The Minutemen: No Parade  27.08.09 
Paul Robeson: Joe Hill  19.08.09 
Tony Benn's song: Joe Hill  14.08.09 
K'naan: Wavin' Flag  12.08.09 
Rise Against: Hero of War  05.08.09 
Elvis Costello: Oliver's Army  31.07.09 
Fairouz: Li Beirut  23.07.09 
Randy Newman: Let's Drop the Big One Now  16.07.09 
Steve Earle: Rich Man's War  09.07.09 
Stephanie McKay: This Letter  02.07.09 
Marvin Gaye: What's Going On  25.06.09 
Cake: War Pigs  19.06.09 
Bruce Springsteen: Mrs McGrath  11.06.09 
Freda Payne: Bring the Boys Home  04.06.09 
Michael Franti: Time to Go Home  29.05.09