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Chicco: Papa Stop the War


This song features the voice and poetry of poet Mzwake Mbuli. Mbuli's career began in the 1980s, performing poetry at Trade Union events as part of the fight against the apartheid government in South Africa. He was repeatedly detained by the authorities. Mbuli's poetry focuses on social and political issues. His first album Change is Pain (1986) was banned, as the government feared its 'influence on revolutionary groups'. Mbuli continued to perform his poetry at great risk, becoming a popular hero in the movement for justice. In March 1999 Mbuli was convicted for an armed robbery he consistently denied committing. Throughout his seven-year imprisonment he protested his innocence. He retained the support of the people, as his albums continued to sell. He was released in November 2003 and continues to voice the people's concerns, from HIV and AIDS to political violence and corruption.


Listen to the voice of reason
Words of wisdom have to be ushered
A better world has to be built
Listen to the voice of reason
Now is the time
To unchain the minds
Now is the time
To unchain the hearts
Images of a new dream
Images of a new society
Should emerge
Hearken the voice of reason
Racial venom is like social dynamite
It is like a revival of a perilous syndrome
A syndrome of death and destruction
This is the voice of concern
A voice of social redemption
An eye for an eye makes the world blinded
reconciliation and reconstruction
Is like a dark cloud
Giving way to the blue sky
Human kind must put an end to war
Or war will put an end to human kind
Africa and the world
Cannot afford self pity
If something is not worth living for
It is not worth dying for
Yes this is the voice of reason
In search of liberty
Human kind think positive
Choose life not death
This is the voice of reason
That shakes the conscience of human kind
That was the voice of reason