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18 October | Birmingham | The Chilcot Report: Tony Blair’s War Crimes

The Chilcot Report: Tony Blair’s War Crimes
Tuesday 18th October | 19:00
Committee Room 1, Council House
Victoria Square
B1 1BB

Organised by: Birmingham Stop the War »

Speake: Peter Brierley, founder member Military Families against the War

Peter writes:

My name is Peter Brierley and I’m the father of Shaun Andrew Brierley who lost his life in Iraq 30th March 2003.

When the Chilcott Enquiry was first announced by Gordon Brown in 2009 Sir John Chilcott travelled the country

meeting families who had lost relatives in Iraq to explain the terms of reference and to ask what we wanted the

result to be. He also pointed out that he had no legal powers to bring any individual to court for wrongdoing. He

also said it would take a year but if there were any problems with access to evidence it may be up to two years.

Seven years later the report was finally published. On the day of publication the families were invited to view an

executive summary of the report before publication. We all went into that room with a certain amount of trepidation

because of the delays, in short we expected a report which would be impossible to understand, I have always

stopped just short of saying Whitewash.

The report was a massive surprise as there was a lot of criticism of the government.

There are several points which are being examined by a legal team to determine whether individuals named in the

report can be brought in front of a court. The legal costs for this were raised by a crowd funding website and the

people of Britain and around the World raised the magnificent amount of £160,158 in 30 days showing that it’s not

just the families who want to see justice.

I believe that the Chilcott Report evidence will see individuals having to answer for their actions in court but I also

think there are lessons to be learned about how decisions should be made in Parliament today and in the future.


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