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New pamphlet: Iraq War III - reasons to break the cycle of endless war

No to Iraq War 3

Price: £2 + £1 p&p
or call 020 7561 4830

Britain has now embarked on a new Iraq war. The UK parliament voted in September 2014 to take Britain into war in Iraq for the third time in a generation.

In 2003, when Tony Blair's lies were used to justify an illegal invasion, as many as a million Iraqis were killed, four million more were made refugees, and the country was left wrecked and ruined.

Now, once again Britain is slavishly following the lead of the United States and attacking a Muslim country in the Middle East region.

This pamphlet by Andrew Murray is an essential read for understanding why Britain, in alliance with Washington, has waged endless war for over a decade. History shows that these interventions only bring calamity to the region and generate crises used as the pretext for the next assault. This war will be no different. Andrew Murray says that It is time to break the cycle of endless war and end British interference in the Middle East.

Price: £2 + £1 p&p
or call 020 7561 4830

The Iraq War Is Still Poisoning Our National Life