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Gaza massacre: UN numbers for what Israel did in 50 days of brutal bombardment

2139 killed, 490 of them children, 11,000 wounded, 1000 children are now permanently disabled, 18,000 homes destroyed, 108,000 people homeless.

50 days of war resulted in damage the United Nations says is unprecedented since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967.

2100 Palestinians were killed, 490 of them children.

Over 11,000 were injured.

1000 children are now permanently disabled.

Over 373,000 children need psychological support..

It will take over 20 years to rebuild Gaza, and will cost $7.8 billion.

18,000 housing units have been demolished, leaving over 108,000 people homeless.

26 schools have been destroyed and 232 schools have been damaged.

Gaza's only power plant was destroyed, and needs $250 million to rebuild. That means there are 18-hour electricity outrages in places.

30% of houses are unable to access water.

419 businesses and workshops were damaged.

Half of the agricultural land was severely damaged.

Source: UN

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