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15 March | Houses of Parliament | UK Appeasement of Gulf Dictators Must End

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UK Appeasement of Gulf Dictators Must End
Fri 15 March | 12:30
Room A
1 Parliament Street

In the early hours of 14th March 2011 columns of armoured vehicles, military machines and heavily-armed Saudi and Uae soldiers crossed the causeway linking the Arabian Peninsula to Bahrain. Their aim was to crush the popular revolution that started on 14th February. This military operation is illegal according to the GCC rules which stipulates such incursion only when any country of the alliance comes under serious foreign threat. The silence of the international community helped to embolden the invading armies into a devastating war on Yemen four years later. In both cases UK directly or indirectly supported the military action. It is now time to reverse this policy and support a more constructive approach that leads to peace, democracy and respect of human rights.


Stephen Bell, Stop the War Coalition

Brian Dooley, Human Rights First

Megha Ramesh, Advocacy Associate, BIRD

Jalal Fairooz, former Bahraini MP

Amin Al Nimr, Saudi activist

For further information please contact: 07745382565, 07445382565