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09 Sep | London | Art The Arms Fair!

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Art The Arms Fair!
ExCeL Exhibition Centre
Sat 09 September
London Docklands

Organised by: Art The Arms Fair! »

On 9th September 2017, at 10:00am, artists will come armed with canvases, clay, and their creativity to the site of the fair to Art the Arms Fair. All art and artists welcome from painting to performance, sculptors to satirists.

All work produced will be taken to a London Space to be shown alongside other donated art works for an exhibition coinciding with the DSEI Arms Fair 12th-15th September 2017. Work will be sold to support the work of Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

How can I participate as an artist?

  1. Create an art work for the project now. We will share these online, and may turn them into postcards to promote Art the Arms Fair.
  2. Donate an art work to be exhibited and sold in the exhibition in September 2017. E-mail us, and we’ll tell you how.
  3. Turn up on the 9th September to create a work. More info coming soon.

How can you participate as a supporter?

Donate your time or money to the event.

We are currently fundraising for the space and to pay for work happening to promote the event. During the event on the 9th and the week of the exhibition we will also need volunteers to help run the event. Sign up below to our newsletter to stay in the loop.