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Shadow World Q&A w/ Lowkey, Andrew Feinstein & Lindsey German


Stop the War’s eighth national event of the lockdown period was an insightful discussion around the topics covered in Johan Grimonprez’s Shadow World documentary. The celebrated feature-length investigation into the international arms trade covers a vast amount of ground as Lindsey German alluded to in her introduction.

Likewise, the question and answer session also managed to touch on a vast array of topics with Andrew Feinstein, author of the original Shadow World book, reflecting on his initial exposure to the arms trade through Thabo Mbeki’s murky dealings involving the help of Tony Blair. Blair’s highly controversial cancelling of the investigation into the Al-Yamamah arms deal was also raised early in the discussion by Lowkey who recalled a press conference in which Bush and Blair shared a chuckle over its sudden termination.

These are just a few of many flashpoints covered during the discussion which complimented the film by tracing its subject matter to the crises and movements of the day - namely Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. Feinstein’s rousing concluding contribution is certainly one not to be missed.

Stop the War’s work was praised by both Feinstein and Lowkey. The former said that the Coalition is ‘one the most effective anti-militarist organisations in the world’ while the Soundtrack to the Struggle wordsmith said that the work of our movement is one ‘we must emphasise again and again and make sure the history books capture’.

Over 600 people went on to watch the film following the empowering discussion and we are sure they found it a detailed and powerful exposure of a rotten industry we must work to destroy. Thanks to all involved and everyone who tuned in. Hosting such large-scale events is not cheap and we need your support to continue hosting them. If you are not already, please consider joining Stop the War as a member to sustain our work.