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30 Nov | London | No to Trump - No to NATO: International Counter Summit


No to Trump - No to NATO: International Counter Summit
Sat 30 Nov | 10:00-17:30
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue
Free Entrance. Register Here.

Summit Agenda

Organised by: Stop the War, CND and No To NATO, No To War Network

On the 3rd and 4th of December the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will mark its 70th anniversary with a Heads of State Summit in London. With Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan set to attend this gathering of the world's largest nuclear-armed military alliance, it’s vital that the peace and anti-war movements are mobilised to full capacity to oppose what John Pilger calls an 'American invention designed to impose American power on Europe'.

In advance of the protests being organised around the Queen’s reception for NATO leaders on the 3rd of December, we are hosting a counter-summit in Central London. The event will bring together anti-war voices from across Europe and beyond, to discuss NATO’s nuclear warmongering, its interventionist wars, and set out how civil society can work to abolish NATO and create a more peaceful world.

NATO is by design a powerful arm of US foreign policy, and increasingly dangerous in the hands of the reckless Donald Trump. We must take action against NATO - Join us in saying “No to NATO” on November 30th.