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18 April | Parliament | Emergency Lobby - No More Bombings


Emergency Lobby - No More Bombings
Weds 18 April | 13:00 - 16:00
UK Parliament

Lobbying at Westminster - Supported by Momentum, CND & Global Justice Now

You should write to your MP or call their office before the day you intend to lobby to let them know that you will be there, and to see if they will be in Parliament. You can try and arrange a specific time to meet if possible, and you should let them know your name and address (this way they can know you are one of their constituents).

To reach Central Lobby, join the queue at the Cromwell Green visitor’s entrance, and proceed through to Central Lobby.

If you don’t have an appointment with your MP scheduled, you can use the Green Card system.

1. In the Central Lobby there is a desk staffed by officials from the Serjeant-at Arms Office.

2. Go to that desk and ask for a ‘Green Card’. Enter your name and address and the purpose of your visit. You should say on the green card that, if your MP can’t meet you today you would like to request a meeting in their constituency. This means the card will be sent on to the MP’s office.

3. Wait for your MP in Central Lobby.

4. If your MP has been found your name will be called out in Central Lobby, so please listen carefully.

5. Your MP may suggest going somewhere for your discussion.

Lobbying at Constituency Level

Contact your MP via email/letter or via their office telephone to arrange a meeting.