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14 Oct | London | Confrontation or Cooperation? Nuclear Abolition in Dangerous Times

Sat conference

Confrontation or Cooperation? Nuclear Abolition in Dangerous Times
Sat 14 Oct | 10:00-17:00
Arlington Conference Centre
220 Arlington Road

Organised by: CND »

The danger of nuclear war over North Korea is escalating. Worldwide fears are growing. The world is facing greater challenges than ever, yet at the same time most states are working to consign nuclear weapons to the dustbin of history. Scarcely reported in our media, the UN’s global nuclear ban treaty offers real prospects for global peace. Now is the time for the peace movement internationally to discuss strategies for disarmament – before it’s too late.

Come to our international conference to discuss the prospects for a new direction on nuclear weapons, and to address the wider international context too: NATO, missile defence, Trump, Korea, China, war and intervention - and what we can do about it all. 


10.30am: Opening plenary - Living in dangerous times: what prospects for disarmament?
• Reiner Braun Co-President of International Peace Bureau (IPB)
• Joseph Gerson American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
• Caroline Lucas MP CND vice-president
• Kate Hudson CND General Secretary
• Chair: Dave Webb CND Chair

1.30pm–3.00pm: Choose from one of the following workshops

1. NATO and nukes in Europe: no new Cold War
• Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition
• Reiner Braun IPB

2. Space Wars, cyberattack and so-called missile ‘defence’
• Joseph Gerson AFSC
• Dave Webb CND

3. A nuclear-free Korean peninsula?
• Dr Jenny Clegg China specialist
• Jude Woodward author The US v China: Asia's New Cold War?

4. Challenging militarism and nationalism
• Sabby Dhalu Stand Up to Racism
• Veterans for Peace speaker

5.Climate, environment and resource wars
• Nick Dearden Global Justice Now
• Dr Stuart Parkinson Scientists for Global Responsibility

3.15pm–5.00pm: Closing plenary 
The world beyond nuclear: building support for the UN’s nuclear ban treaty
• Arielle Denis International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
• Dave Webb CND Chair
• Joseph Gerson American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
• Chair: Kate Hudson CND