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18 June | London | Myths of War - Mark Rylance & Friends interpret Howard Zinn

Mark Rylance

Myths of War - Mark Rylance & Friends interpret Howard Zinn
Sun 18 June | 19:30
Park Theatre
Clifton Terrace
Finsbury Park
N4 3JP
** SOLD OUT **

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & Park Theatre

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Park Theatre, London & Stop the War Coalition present... Myths of War

"I am always looking for good reasons to challenge the assumption that war is inevitable and necessary in a world full of actual and potential conflict. Howard Zinn provides one of the greatest speeches I have read about this question of "Just" war in his "Three Holy Wars". With wit and history he tackles the perceived effectiveness of violent resolution of conflict in three sacrosanct wars. I wanted to speak it again for people to hear as Mr. Zinn was a famous orator in his time. I am delighted to be doing so in support of Stop the War who continue to express the hope and reason that Britain will develop peaceful tools of conflict resolution and move away from the inflammatory and ultimately counter-productive practices of violent resolution of conflict." - Mark Rylance

"Hope can only come if you have some historical perspective" - Howard Zinn

Photo: Gavin Watson - www.gavinwatsonarchive.com