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25 May | Brussels | Stop NATO 2017 Conference

stop nato 2017 agir pour la paix

Stop NATO 2017 Conference
Thurs 25 May | 09:00-18:00
Institut libre Marie Haps
11 - 1050

Organised by: No To NATO »


On the 25th of May, simultaneously with the NATO summit in Brussels, we organise an alternative conference. Several international guests will delve into NATO and the problems related to this trans-atlantic organisation.

The counter summit will start with a plenary session in which four experts will be talking about various issues such as NATO military interventions, military spending, the tensions with Russia and nuclear weapons.

Afterwards it is possible to join workshops, in the morning and in the afternoon, which will involve the public closely in the debate. There are also two 'special sessions'. During the morning panel, four international guests will analyse the impact of NATO on their country. In the afternoon, the panelists will talk about the strategies of the peace movement.

We will also be screening the documentary Shadow World, followed by a discussion.

In the closing plenary session, five guests will discuss the strategies of the peace movement against NATO.

All further information available here.