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18 May | London | Election Question Time


Election Question Time
May 18 | 18:30
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue
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Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & CND

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Tariq Ali, writer and broadcaster
Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War
Richard Norton Taylor, journalist
Kate Hudson, general secretary of CND
Rebecca Johnson, Green Party spokesperson on security, peace and defense
Aaron Bastani, editor of Novara Media

The questions of foreign policy, war and peace are already a feature in this election and for once there are clear differences between the parties.

Labour's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a former chair of Stop the War and a lifelong anti-war campaigner or peace campaigner. This could not be in stronger contrast to Theresa May, whose closeness to Donald Trump makes her support for more wars almost certain. After more than a decade of brutal military interventions, the war party is still refusing to draw rational and humane conclusions from these catastrophes.

The Tory establishment has also exhibited a callous disregard for international law and basic decency in its pronouncements in favour of nuclear weapons and, astonishingly, even of nuclear war itself.

The renewal and maintenance of Trident nuclear weapons alone will cost the taxpayer around £205 billion. The Conservative government's pro-war priorities are clear when this obscene cost is set against the misery and deprivation caused by the Tory cuts to the NHS and welfare.