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18 Jan | Swansea | Don't Attack Iran: Protest at Donald Trump's Act of War


Don't Attack Iran: Protest at Donald Trump's Act of War
Sat 18 Jan | 12:00-14:00
Big Screen, Castle Square
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Organised by: Swansea Stop the War »

Called by Swansea Coalition Against War (Stop The War Coalition) and CND Swansea

The assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani is an act of war by Donald Trump. The act was carried out in Baghdad, violating all agreements with the Iraqi government. Both Iran and Iraq are likely to retaliate. Trump has been heading for war since tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran. If he succeeds it will create a bigger war than we have seen so far in the Middle East. It will draw in major players across the region including Israel, Saudi Arabia and possibly Russia.

This is the bloody result of two decades of war started by the US after 9/11. Those of us who said the invasion of Iraq in 2003 would lead to endless conflict and misery were absolutely right. Those who justified those wars are now looking on while the situation escalates.

As with every war against the Middle East it will boost racism and Islamophobia in the UK as ordinary people in Iran will be demonised.
We must do everything we can to oppose war with Iran - and any attacks on Iraq now it has demanded the withdrawal of US troops.

Boris Johnson will be desperate in the coming months to agree a trade deal with the USA. He is likely to use British support for a war on Iran to help achieve this. We must do everything we can to prevent this happening.

Join the protest on Saturday 18th. Make your voice heard.