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27 Nov | Kensington | Don't Attack Iran - Why We Need An Anti-War Government

dont attack Iran Kensington event cover photo

Don't Attack Iran - Why We Need An Anti-War Government
Weds 27 Nov | 19:00
St Helens Church
North Kensington, London
W10 6LP
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Emma Dent Coad Labour PPC for Kensington
Murad Qureshi Stop the War Chair
Abbas Edalat CASMII

The threat of war with Iran is growing all the time. The main reason for this is the actions of Donald Trump and the US administration.

Last year Trump tore up the nuclear deal with Iran agreed internationally in 2015 and resulting in less likelihood of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. He also imposed sanctions which have been tightened in recent months, leading to worsening conditions economically, and shortages of essentials such as medicine for the Iranian people.

Britain under Boris Johnson will do nothing to oppose Trump and will follow his path towards war – unless we stop him.

Stop the War is campaigning against any attack on Iran. Join us in building the resistance at this vital meeting.