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12 Sept | Newcastle | Don't Attack Iran - Public Meeting


Don't Attack Iran
Thurs 12 Sept | 6.30pm
Ampersand - Commercial Union House
Green Room, Floor 4
39 Pilgrim St

Organised by: Newcastle Stop the War »

The world is increasingly alarmed atDonald Trump’s escalation of conflictwith Iran - take action here!This public meeting has been called to oppose the drive to waragainst Iran headed by the US. The US is threatening to “obliterate”Iran. It has torn up the nuclear deal with Iran and has imposedmassive sanctions. Britain is following once again continuing itsmilitary involvement in the Middle-East region on the coat-tails ofthe US. Britain is imposing sanctions on Iran and using our navyand risking another disastrous war. This time with Iran which willhave incalculable consequences.

We call on all people who are against war and want peace to come to our meeting in Newcastle.