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12 June | Norwich | Freedom of Speech & Palestine


Freedom of Speech & Palestine
Weds 12 June | 19:30
St Stephens Church
Rampant Horse Street

The airstrikes carried out by Israel this May killed 25 Palestinians in under 48 hours, including a 14-month-old baby and her pregnant mother. The airstrikes deliberately targeted residential buildings, libraries, cultural centres and utilities infrastructure. The idea that the Israeli armed forces try to avoid civilian casualties is simply untrue.

Those who want to show their solidarity with Palestine abroad are also being cracked down upon. In the United States, a number of states have already adopted laws that make BDS illegal, and there is a concerted campaign to smear Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and anyone who criticises Israel as anti-Semitic. This is not unlike the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, the attacks on student activists that call Israel an apartheid state and the increasingly accepted conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism in the mainstream.

The only way that we can counter these attacks, that we can send our solidarity to the people of Palestine, that we can oppose our government’s uncritical support for Israel and complicity in its crimes, is to stand up and make our voices heard. We have to collectively organise in our communities, workplaces, universities and schools and win the argument that Palestine is still the issue - even and especially during periods of “quiet”, but more than ever right now as they face the full force of Netanyahu and Trump.