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03 April | Lewisham | Gaza: One Year On

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Gaza: One Year On
Weds 03 April | 19:30
New Cross Learning

283 – 285 New Cross Road
SE14 6AS
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Organised by: Lewisham Stop the War »


Michael Coulston, Lewisham STW, recently visited Gaza

David Harrold, Chair of Palestine Trauma Centre

Tareq Shrourou, Director of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights


One year on from the start of the Great March of Return protests in Gaza

From the beginning, unarmed protesters within Gaza’s perimeter have been targeted with live ammunition.

By the end of 2018, 189 Palestinians had been killed at the protests, including 35 children, 3 clearly marked paramedics and 2 clearly marked journalists.  Over 23000 were injured.

By the end of February 2019, a further 5 Palestinians had been killed and 1188 injured. The protests continue.

On 28 February 2019 a UN Commission of Inquiry report was published, highlighting the deliberate targeting of medics, journalists, children and people with disabilities.

Come to our public meeting on 3 April

Life In Gaza

At our meeting on 3 April you will hear from Michael Coulston and David Harrold about life in Gaza and what drives people to take part in the ongoing protests.

UN Report

Tareq Shrourou will provide an expert legal analysis of the UN Commission of Inquiry report and how it can be promoted and used in campaigning.