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20 March | Bristol University | Trump, Palestine and War in the Middle East


Trump, Palestine & War in the Middle East
Weds 20 March | 14:00
Bristol University
Room TBC
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Organised by: University of Bristol Friends of Palestine and Bristol Stop the War Coalition

**A public discussion on the foreign policy of the West and its impact on the Middle East. Open to all.**

When Trump announced that US troops were pulling out of Syria, National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rushed to 'reassure' their Middle East allies that the drawdown would be gradual and they wouldn't be left in the lurch. US airstrikes in Syria spiked dramatically in December.

The US aims to bolster its power in the region by stepping up the pressure on Iran. There have even been serious discussions behind the scenes about military strikes against the country.

Meanwhile, following Trump's example, Britain's relationship with Saudi Arabia just gets closer and closer, despite the appalling carnage of the Saudi led War on Yemen.

Britain continues to sell arms used to kill and wound Palestinians whilst the US deliberately aggravates tensions by moving it's embassy to Jerusalem.

All this risks fuelling further regional war in the Middle East. It is very important we step up our campaign now. Join Stop The War officer Shabbir Lakha in this vital meeting on Mar 20th to hear what lies ahead for the anti-war movement in 2019.