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11 Feb | Brent | Wars: The Effect on Soldiers

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Wars: The Effect on Soldiers
Mon 11 Feb | 19:30
379-381 High Rd
NW10 2JR


Julio Torres (Veterans for Peace UK)
New York born Torres was a member of the U.S. Army for eleven years 2005-2016, including a year in Iraq, with the rank of Staff Sergeant

Ben Griffin (ex-Paratrooper, SAS soldier and founder of Veterans for Peace UK)
Served in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2005 he was released from Army service after refusing to continue serving under American command in Iraq. Ben served as national coordinator of VfP until 2018 and remains an active member.

The financial costs of US and British wars in the Middle East since the beginning of this century have been well documented. The personal costs to the soldiers who took part and to their families, friends and neighbours are often less noticed. This is an opportunity to hear and talk to war veterans about their experiences and how we might learn to fight for peace.