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07 June | York University | No to Trump's Visit, No to War


No to Trump's Visit, No to War
Thurs 07 June | 18:00
Room SLB/188
Spring Lane Building
York University Campus West
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A Public Meeting to Protest Trump's upcoming visit to the UK, hosted by Stop the War Coalition.

Trump and his parade of injustice must be stopped, and with his looming visit to the UK in July, we must organise, protest and make our voices clear. Theresa May and her government see Trump as a natural ally - his warmongering activities in Syria, North Korea and all over the world offer business opportunities to the Tories and their cronies. We must ensure that the voices of ordinary people - people opposed to war, and opposed to the lunacy and cruelty of the Trump administration - are heard, and send a loud message to those in Westminster that we will not stand idly by while they invite this monster to our country.

Rachael Maskell MP
Shabbir Lakha, Stop the War Officer
Clare Burgess, University of York