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26 Jan | Merseyside | Why We Need An Anti-War Government


Why We Need An Anti-War Government
Fri 26 Jan| 18:30
1 Great George St
L1 5EW

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Dan Carden MP, Liverpool-Walton
Andrew Murray, Unite Chief of Staff & StW Officer
Feidhelm Doolin, NW Vice Chair of Membership for Young Labour
Maya Evans, Voices for Creative Non Violence

In Europe, NATO has transformed from a defensive force to an aggressive military alliance. British troops are posted as far as the Baltic states and Ukraine. Failed large-scale wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya have demolished Western credibility, weakening our claims to global leadership. The US-UK obsession with arming Saudi Arabia, supporting genocidal war in Yemen is starving millions, ruining innocent civilians’ lives once more. These activities will never bring peace and stability to the Middle East and the world.

Unfortunately, British Government and Labour Party official foreign policy is closer than ever to the logic that brought these failures.
Jeremey Corbyn and his allies are the only mainstream politicians with the power and track record to challenge establishment policy. Corbyn has been a central figure in opposing wars in the Middle East. His opposition to Trident is long-standing. His refusal to be bullied into saying he would "push the button” is well-known. His prediction that Middle East wars would create endless cycles of violence, making Britain and the world less-safe have become prophetically true.

Labour must adopt Corbyn’s view of war and peace and dump the establishment policies that have so poorly served working people and cost countless civilian lives. Many millions know the UK's wider foreign policy is a mess. Labour must catch up with the Labour leader and the people at large. At our upcoming meeting our panel will set the agenda for the year ahead, discussing what each of us can do to help transform Labour the UK's official foreign policy into a force for stability, prosperity, and peace.