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26 Oct | Cambridge | Fly Kites Not Drones


Fly Kites Not Drones
Thurs 26 Oct | 19:30
Butler House Party Room
Trinity College

Hosted by Cambridge University Afghan Society and supported by Cambridge STW

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Come out to hear, question and discuss the implications of drone usage in conflict zones, such as Afghanistan.

Drones are supposed to make pinpoint air strikes to kill enemies without hurting ordinary civilians. But “civilians” and “militants” can get mixed up- can you tell from up in the sky who’s who? In countries like Afghanistan, people feel angry and afraid about drones. Drones can stay up for hours, never getting tired. A strike could come at any time. For the children and adults going about their lives, this threat is always in the back of their minds. Clear blue skies are particularly feared as that is when drone strikes are most likely. See: http://www.flykitesnotdrones.org/

The Speaker is Ellis Brooks, who is the Peace education Programme Manager with Quakers in Britain. Quakers renounce violence and to work actively for peace. His work includes campaigning for human rights, nonviolent change and training in conflict transformation. Ellis has twice visited Kabul with Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK to support the work of Afghan Peace Volunteers. He helped develop the campaign and education pack Fly Kites Not Drones, used around the world to explore the ethics of remote control warfare.

This event is organized by the Cambridge University Afghan Society and co-hosted by the Cambridge Stop the War Coalition, Cambridge University Pakistan Society, Cambridge University Palestine Society and the Fly Kites Not Drones Org.

The event location will be at Trinity College: The Butler House Party Room in Burrell's Field. Someone at the Trinity College porter's office will be able to guide you to the room, which is all the way at the end towards Grange Road.