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22 August | Bournemouth | No More Killing: What Kind of Foreign Policy Do We Need?

No More Killing: What Kind of Foreign Policy Do We Need?
Tues 22 Aug | 19:00
The Green House Hotel
4 Grove Road

Organised by: Bournemouth Stop the War »

Bournemouth Stop the War Public Meeting:

No More Killing: What Kind of Foreign Policy do We Need?

16 years on from the beginning of the "War on Terror", British taxpayers' money is continuing to fund bombing and killing in the Middle East. Over a million have died in Iraq alone. Many thousands have died or have been maimed in other countries that Britain has intervened in. War is still raging in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Millions have had to flee their homes. Meanwhile, while spending our money on foreign wars, the British establishment is continuing with its programme of crippling cuts to public services. 

The British government has also admitted that it is providing technical and other assistance to the Saudigovernment in its hideous bombing campaign in Yemen, which has killed thousands of people, including thousands of civilians. Moreover, it has sold more than £3 billion worth of arms to the Saudi dictatorship (in contravention of international law) since the bombardment began.

But the tide is now beginning to turn, as anti-war politics are gaining increasing power and influence in British political life. 

Come to this vital meeting to discuss this unique opportunity to defeat the current violent regime and to put an end to their barbarous wars. 

The discussion will be introduced by Shabbir Lakha (national officer of Stop the War Coalition),Alisdair Keddie (Green Party candidate) and Johno Pearce (a humanist author).