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21 January | Belfast | War & Foreign Policy Under Trump

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This meeting, organised Stop the War and the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) will have two main speakers Murad Qureshi, Chair of Stop the War Coalition and Roger Cole, Chair of Peace and Neutrality Alliance. The meeting will be chaired by Patricia McKeown, Northern Ireland Regional Secretary of Unison and was President of the ICTU 2007-2009 as well Chair of the Northern Ireland Committee 2005-2007.

This is the first meeting in Northern Ireland organised by Stop the War Coalition / PANA and it should allow us all to have a fair and balanced debate on our prospects for peace in the Middle East or are we living in a more dangerous world under President Trump.

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance was established to advocate an independent Irish foreign policy, maintain Irish neutrality and promote a transformed United Nations as the organisation through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns. Since 2001 we have campaigned against the use of Shannon Airport by the US military, and the fact that nearly two and a half million US troops have passed through this airport on the way to and from war. We are also concerned about a growing militaristic EU linked to the US/NATO alliance.

The Stop the War Coalition has raised their concerns about the 'special relationship' between Britain and the US, announced by Winston Churchill soon after World War Two, that has been toxic from the start. It is a collaboration that has always demanded unswerving support for US superpower aspirations. The Chilcot Report made it official that Tony Blair’s ‘I will be with you whatever’ relationship with George Bush was a ‘determining factor’ in Britain’s lead role in the catastrophic war on Iraq.

The most powerful person on the planet Donald Trump is full of contradictions, not too happy with economic or global agreements, threatened by an EU Superstate, he may form an alliance with Russia, or he may start a war with China, may decide to move his resource wars to Africa, hopefully the media will highlight this important debate.

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & PANA »