Tony Benn's funeral Thursday 27 March 2014

Parliament Square London 10.15am

Tony Benn

Thursday 27 March is the funeral of Tony Benn, who was the President of Stop the War Coalition and a much loved figure at demonstrations and meetings across the country.

The funeral is at 11 am at St Margaret's Church Westminster. It is an invitation-only funeral, but we are sure many people will want to pay their respects to this great figure who made such a towering contribution over decades to the movements for peace, social justice and equality.

The loss of the inspiration and encouragement that Tony Benn gave to our movement is incalculable. Stop the War invites everyone who wishes to pay their respects to his memory to gather from 10.15 onwards in Parliament Square, which is next to St Margaret's Church. The funeral service will be relayed to all the mourners outside the church.


Tony Benn's funeral will be held at 11.00am on Thursday 27th March 2014 at St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London SW1.

His body will travel in a hearse from the main gates of New Palace Yard at 10.45am, and will be followed by members of the family on foot. It will arrive at the gates at the side of St Margaret's from where it will be carried into the church by members of the family. See the map below.

Owen Jones says, "Tony Benn meant a great deal to so many of us, and we want to keep the things he stood for alive, so it would be fantastic if people could line the route of his hearse on the day."

Twitter hashtag #turnoutfortony

Map of the route of Tony Benn's hearse:

Tony Benn

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