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28 November | Harrow | Crisis in the Middle East: Why We Oppose More Intervention


Crisis in the Middle East: Why We Oppose More Intervention
Monday 28 November | 19:00
Harrow Baptist Church
College Road

As the crisis in Syria deepens, the British establishment is gearing up for further intervention in Syria. Along with our existing interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the rhetoric of further war as a solution to the catastrophic situation in the Middle East is being ramped up.

As the government whip up hysteria around Russia to levels unseen since the Cold War and make horrendous propositions of a direct military confrontation with Russia, it is imperative that we understand why more war is never the solution and organise around it.

We will be joined by Andrew Murray, the current Chief of Staff at Unite the Union and the former Chair of Stop the War Coalition, who will make the case against more intervention in Syria - or anywhere else for that matter.

The event does not require registration and is free to attend, but any voluntary contributions to help with the cost of putting on the meeting are welcome.


Stopping Wars Is Essential for Stopping Climate Change