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Latest News & Comment

14 May | London | Iraq IDPs: Fragmentation of Cultural & National Identity


Iraq IDPs: Fragmentation of Cultural & National Identity
14 May | 3pm-7pm
Bolivar Hall
54-56 Grafton Way
London, W1T 5DL

Organised by: Tadhamun


Dawn Chatty, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford
Yasin Al-Eethawie, an Iraqi academic
Mundher Al -Adhami, Education consultant
Joanne Baker, Human rights activist & co-coordinator of Child Victims of War
Ferial Ahmad, Consultant microbiologist runs voluntary clinic for Iraqi & Syrian IDPs
Dina Bseisu, Founder of Challenge to Change
Rashad Salim, Artist/Researcher @ Ark Re-imagined Project      

To be chaired by:  

Victoria Brittain, Journalist and Writer
Mike Phipps, Editor @ Iraq Occupation Focus newsletter

Britain Drops 3,400 Bombs in Syria and Iraq